Ameet and Surekha Srivastava

“My fiance and I recently purchased a 1 Bedroom Loft Condo in the Mission area of San Francisco and would not have been able to do so without the relationship we had with our agent Andrew Roth.

“Our situation was very unique due to the fact that we had relocated to San Francisco from Chicago and were first time homebuyers. We found Andrew on the web and as with any new process were very nervous that Andrew might be pushy or not as qualified as we would like for such a big decision. Andrew immediately prevailed with his expertise and willingness to work with us given our situation.

“My fiance’s sister is a real estate agent and provided us a list of questions to ask Andrew. Andrew took the time to sit down and write out all the answers we needed to move forward with the process. Andrew took us around to places to get a feel for what we were interested in and then week by week followed up by getting appointments setup for us to see places. We also knew that every Saturday morning Andrew would send us an e-mail with links to prospective properties so that we could plan accordingly for the weekend and week.

“The biggest quality we admired in Andrew was his calming effect. In making offers, Andrew would sit down with us and use whatever tools he had to help us gauge what amount would need to be offered to be accepted for individual properties. In one instance early on were countered and were going back and forth late into the night trying to figure out what to do. In that time Andrew remained calm, talked pros and cons with us, but ultimately stated, ‘If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t worry — we’ll find something.’

“In the end my fiance and I settled on a ‘For Sale by Owner,’ a situation where we had the option of moving forward without Andrew’s assistance. Despite that option, my fiance and I felt that it was best to have Andrew on our side and moved forward with his representation. Andrew was able to use his knowldege of the process and draw up a contract that was fair to the seller and protected my fiance and me from any pitfalls.

“In the future, there is no doubt that Andrew will be representing us on either side of the process.”

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