Michael and Lydia Flocchini

“My wife initially chose Andrew based on an interaction both of them had during an open house. His demeanor and sincerity were all she needed to assess that we had found a trustworthy agent. I felt the same shortly after having met Andrew for the first time. I knew that he would be ideal for us in what, at that time, seemed like an impossible journey.

“Andrew has got to be the exemplar of agents. We knew nothing about the ‘game.’ Andrew patiently walked us through the entire process, step-by-step…many, many times.

“The six long months it took to finally close on a home was completely worth it. We absolutely love our new home, too! Andrew stayed with us every step of the way. It never mattered what time we called or what questions we had; he was always ready. He accompanied us on all scheduled appointments without fail. His dedication was unique and refreshing.

“As a result, the actual transaction was a fairly easy and stress-free process. We attributed that to our relationship with Andrew and the fact that he kept everything calm. To that end, we never panicked. Instead, we became more determined than ever to close quickly and sign documents (which is exactly what we did!).

“Honestly, Andrew has more strengths than can possibly be identified here.Andrew is patient, ambitious, dedicated, diligent, honest, practical, skilled (in all facets, especially in creating offers), interactive, a great listener, and a brilliant equalizer (meaning that while we knew little if anything, he always made us feel equal to his level), just to name a few.

“While we know that you cannot use this paragraph in any customer-relations testimonial, I’ll say it nonetheless: The above is no b.s. Andrew is amazing. He should be directing the staff rather than working the front lines. He’s a global thinker. We believe his game belongs at a higher level.”

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