Paul Friedman

“I recently had the pleasure of hiring Andrew to help me sell my condo in Pacific Heights.

Andrew committed enormous time and energy to ensuring that my unit was optimally situated for a fast and lucrative sale. Andrew regularly went above and beyond the call of duty. For example, Andrew hired tradesmen and supervised minor renovations to the unit (while I was on vacation!), resulting in an enormous return on investment for me. He never took the easy way out, always expending extra effort to make sure that the unit went for the right price. When he interviewed stagers, for example, he did not simply suggest a stager that he was comfortable with, but instead insisted on interviewing three separate stagers to find the professional that was just right for my unit. And when a potential thorny title issue arose with the City, he expertly guided this issue to a quick resolution so as not to affect the sale. He did all of this in a few short weeks, while juggling numerous other commitments.

Thanks to Andrew’s tireless efforts, my unit received multiple offers and went for well above the asking price. This is undoubtedly the result of Andrew’s hard work and expertise. “

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