Preparing to Sell

Price Security for Home Sellers

New York Times By BOB TEDESCHI Would you be willing to give away 1 percent of your home’s value if it meant not having to worry about losing more? That is the essence of a product introduced this month by … Continue reading

Some Agents Inflate Estimate to Get Listing

Dian Hymer How would you like to find yourself in this situation? You need to sell your home, so you make appointments with three real estate agents. Each prepares a marketing proposal, including a recommended list price for your … Continue reading

How Home Improvements Affect Your Taxes When You Sell As a homeowner, you may be asking, “Can I ever get a tax benefit out of all the money I’ve spent fixing up my house?” The answer may be yes. You generally can’t deduct the cost of a new … Continue reading

Seller Tips

Moneysworth Magazine The San Francisco real estate market is very competitive, and in spite of a downturn in the local economy, selling property in San Francisco can still be a hair-raising experience. Besides finding a real estate agent whom you … Continue reading

Remodeling for Resale

by Broderick Perkins A three bedroom home in a neighborhood of fours isn’t going to sell as well, or for the best price. However, remodeled kitchens and home-office additions don’t come with guarantees that they’ll boost your home’s value … Continue reading

Escrow Do’s and Don’ts

A handy guide for buyers and sellers By Cathy Madrid-Garibaldi AVP/Commercial and Residental Escrow Officer Buyers: DO remember to arrange for fire/hazard insurance for your new property. Different insurers may quote premiums that vary by hundreds of dollars for the … Continue reading

Virtual staging sparks sales of vacant homes

Judy Richter The Chronicle Realtors already use the Web to showcase their listings online, where buyers peruse them before hitting the home tours. Now comes virtual staging. Here’s how it works: A real estate agent e-mails photos of a vacant … Continue reading

Does it Pay to Stage?

By Andrew Roth Roth Real Estate Should you consider staging your home before selling? The answer to this question depends on a number of variables. Foremost to remember, however, is that a buyer’s initial impression of your home, and often … Continue reading

Buy Before Sell?

Should you sell your existing home before purchasing a new one, or vice versa? By Andrew Roth July 10, 2007 Q: My neighbors just sold their home, and now are scrambling to find something to to buy before they have … Continue reading

Picking Up Steam

After tagging along on Zephyr’s tour of homes, it appears that reports of the S.F. market’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. By Heather Boerner Special to The Chronicle On a recent Wednesday morning, Jackie Cuneo entered her office meeting with … Continue reading