Video: San Francisco from 10K feet

Sunday, January 25, 2015

While many people in the Bay Area were enjoying Saturday’s sunshine from ground-level, two friends in a small airplane were busy capturing epic video of San Francisco from over 10,000 feet.

Lucky for us, they posted the breath-taking shots on YouTube.

The killer video, shot in 4K, a resolution greater than high definition, shows sweeping wide-angle looks at the city, the San Francisco Bay and Marin County.

“I decided we could climb above the Bravo airspace to 10,500 and get some steep turns in to get some almost top-down video of the city,” Andrew Leonard, 28, wrote in the video’s description.

Leonard has a private pilot’s license and flies a Cessna single-engine airplane out of Santa Rosa where he works for a non-profit. He said he decided to fly to 10,500 feet — out of restricted airspace used by San Francisco International Airport — where he could do sweeping 45-degree turns without the worry of interference from other aircraft.

“I decided to rent a GoPro for the occasion,” he said. “It’s tricky. You have to decide where to mount the camera, so it’s not shaky.”

The Bay Area’s massive bridges and buildings look miniscule from the impressive height. Market Street is seen cutting diagonally through the city while Golden Gate Park and Presidio stand out in lush detail amid the sprawling concrete cityscape.

Don’t take it from us though. Watch the video.

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